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Lumière Business Solutions is a research and consulting firm which partners with clients in co-creating customized, insightful and innovative business solutions. Our Credo - Light and Insight, is in absolute harmony with our mission - To provide customized business solutions that enable our clients’ growth, while providing a platform to attract, develop, excite and retain professional talent who seek to integrate work and life.


Our unique business model powered by a robust technology backbone, a knowledge repository base, and a strong work culture has been honed over the last 2 decades making us a dependable partner for our clients. Clients consistently see us as ‘dependable’, ‘flexible’, ‘innovative’ and ‘insightful’ and hence we are preferred go-to agency for challenging, complex and time crunched projects.


A core expertise in qualitative research seamlessly complements desk research, social media research and qual-quant makes us see ourselves to be in the “answers business”. goods and media being the key sectors. Projects spanning agri, auto, banking, education, durables, personal care, home care, foods, media, pharma, telecom, technology, real estate, over the past 20 years of Lumière have built a massive experience and insights on the changing Indian consumer.


Our deep association with development agencies and work in the area of maximizing positive social impact as made us experts in working in early end of the innovation funnel. Lumière has worked in the CSR sector both with donor-sponsors and non-profits. Consulting in the CSR space is an opportunity to leverage our management consulting and research expertise for an impact multiplier to the core cause. We have provided management support, structuring business processes for scalability and expansion, assessing impact to beneficiary, and developing brand architecture, brand key and communication development. We have worked with non-profits in the areas of education, childcare and health, through the life stage of the non-profit. We also continue to be an active connector to NGOs for community support with individuals, voluntary groups, educational institutions and media.


To work as strategic partners, offering coaching, mentoring, and an advisory to the business prospect.
To bring knowledge and best practices in customer-centric innovation to the proposition or prototype.
To enable and challenge the business prospect to learn and grow within a nurturing environment.
To excite and inspire with life lessons to play, thrive and win.
To provide access to market opportunities & provide financial, commercial & legal advisory access.
To develop a customer-centric mindset of flexibility, agility, can-do, compliance and win-win.

N-Light Stride

Lumière is a process oriented organization. For every process, there are milestones defined which help check the efficiency of the work completed. Each activity is defined in a detailed work flow which helps steer and guide the project to complete each milestone successfully. Proper checks are put in place to monitor whether the project has complied with all requirements.

Associations & Alliances


MRSI (Market Research Society of India) is a unique non-profit autonomous market research body formed by a large fraternity of research suppliers and users spread across India. Established in January 1988, the MRSI is at the forefront of maintaining standards of excellence in the market research industry. The MRSI seeks to strive to drive interest that MR Works and to improve the professional standards of MR in India. Lumière Business Solutions is represented on the MRSI Management Committee.

ESOMAR is committed to encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide. ESOMAR is the global voice of the data, research and insights community. A global association since 1947, it is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics. They have been providing ethical and professional guidance and advocate on behalf of the global membership community for 70 years.

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