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Client Speak

Want to thank you, Team Lumière, for the way you turned this project around. All the stakeholders were full of praises about their connects & went back with a lot of learning. Thank you once again for working like our extended team! (March 2018)

Soumitra Sen
Hindustan Unilever Limited

Well done. You remember almost ten years ago when you came to see me at HLL and one of the options we were looking at is having you as one of our Senior CMI managers. Then we got talking about this opportunity and I strongly felt that this was better than all other options we were looking at. It is great to see you have started a new movement for qualified women who want to have flexi time working. More importantly, you have not built an organisation; you have built a large loving family!

B V Pradeep

When I think of l, I think of perceptiveness. l's strength and key discriminator is its lack of stiff models. They are very flexible, non-judgmental.

Rohit Jindal

Thanks Deepa for yours and your team's partnership. Appreciate all the support in the past two years in the Vim journey starting with bar and now on liquids.

Asha Kharga

What your and your team bring, is a combination of good thinking, hard work and humility to the table. Your confidence is evident in everything you say & do but there is never a trace of arrogance. You are businesslike but not abrupt or brash. You are sensitive, listen well, you contemplate and you make it comfortable for people to work with you. You are a good sounding board. You make a difference, without a shade of doubt.

R Sridhar
Ideas RS

l provides solutions with the understanding of the clients. The l strength lies in its ability to relate with the ground realities. The inputs given by l on various studies have helped us to identify the problems & design the solutions for them. They are practical and effective.

Girish Agarwal
Dainik Bhaskar Group

Lumière Data Services did an excellent job in recruitment. They were helpful and efficient in the services provided and we would certainly pass on their details to any colleagues seeking to recruit for insight into the Indian market.

Jigna Chauhan
Dragon Rouge

Lumière helps solve business problems. They go beyond just trying to provide answers to a research brief. They take time to understand the underlying business problem. They are willing to experiment and try new approaches to find the answers. The presentation of the results of a study go beyond presentation of data and consumer feedback. l worked with us to identify the differentiating characteri...Read morestics of high performing sales people within our business. The project has helped us create a unique and structured assessment centre for recruiting medical reps who have no prior work experience. I will recommend Lumière because they will help you find an answer to your business problem.

Neeraj Garg
Apollo Hospitals

Lumière has shown good understanding/ appreciation of the brief & demonstrated capability to come up with an exhaustive approach within reasonable time frames. Integrity, rigor & passion are the words which we associate with Lumière.notable contribution by l to the business/ marketing problem' Insights generated by Lumière have helped us understand finer nuances for the consumer segments under ...Read moreconsideration & come up with value prepositions to address those latent needs. I will recommend Lumière for the kind of passion & energies with which team owns up the project and delivers.

Saurabh Maheshwari
Tata Communications

Enthusiasm and ownership are the two strengths of Lumière as a solutions provider. Flexibility and never say die attitude are their key discriminators. The recent project on romance (Amour) has been extremely useful and we will use the instances that came up in the study in many of our shows.

Sushma Rajesh

The biggest strength of l lies in their ability to create empathy for consumers across an astonishing array of domains. When the same is combined their restlessness to contribute towards the larger strategic discourse, one has a perfect partner who helps bridge the strategy & macro to the consumer & micro. The biggest discriminator of l is its talent: a talent pool having both depth & precision, e...Read morequally at home analyzing as well as synthesing, confident yet humble & grounded. l has contributed tremendously to the success of projects like Gojiyo. It was a project which could not have been successful without incessant co-creation with consumers in the digital / social space: a gargantuan effort helmed by l.

Ashutosh Tiwari
SMG Godrej Industries

I think of Lumière as a haute couture agency that gives me tailor made solutions but with the operational efficiencies of a scientific powerhouse. There is one word that doesn't exist in the dictionary of Lumière and that is 'No'. There is a never say die attitude and everyone in the team goes all out to meet the clients' needs as far as possible. What I particularly like about the Lumière appr...Read moreoach is that a project is taken, research is conducted and analysis is done in one go by the involved parties. This really helps us take faster decisions. One doesn't really have the luxury of time and decisions making has to be faster in today's world and Lumière understands the same and partners with us. I think Lumière is one of the pioneers in giving a 5 minute video that brings alive the key insights. A video ppt really saves many manhours that would otherwise have to be spent to come to an aligned view by the team. Another thing that I really admire Lumière for is the use of technology. I think we were amongst the first ones to use online discussions for flavours research. It really helped us understand the youth and our thinking. I would strongly recommend Lumière to clients who need an agency to partner them and enlighten the path along the way.

Puja Chandna

The discussion and the research both have been fruitful and will help us in steering the project in the right direction. A big thank you to all of you for pulling this together, especially in such a short time.

Kunal Sharma

The l strength is they stick to timelines and (utilise a) good approach to give solutions to the problem. l helped us to shape our products and (gave) actionable directions for our positioning. I will recommend l because they are honest in their work and deliver more than what is expected.

Kiran Sathyanarayan
Mahindra 2 Wheelers

Thank you Team for many things - a great team (first and foremost) - great analysis and recommendations - partnering us so seamlessly- pace of work and ability to mutate the design/objective - for constantly keeping the larger picture in mind I am indeed looking forward to a lot more work with Lumière.

Vaishali Shah

The quality of client servicing for Project Spectre was excellent. The quality of project management, moderation and output was Good. The data interpretation and output could be more creative. The field arrangement was fair. There were issues with recruitment which led to rework. Our overall experience with l was Very Good.

Ashwini Barve

You and your team have made me proud. They said this MR could not be done in a month and you proved them wrong! Thank you

Kartik Chandrashekhar

l is an amazing example of a successful business grounded in simple human values. The l team is client focused and free of biases, it undertakes work with speed and flexibility and is reliable' they never miss deadlines.

Nitin Paranjpe

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the rich & wonderful insights on this young TG that were presented. We are sure that this learning will go a long way in helping us to ensure our programming is better focused towards this critical TG. Also the initial response from programming towards the study has been very encouraging. Thanks & warm regards

Rahul Sachdev
Star TV

I was greatly impressed (and so were my colleagues) by the organization of the visit and the swift analysis and presentation. Look forward to the opportunity of working together again.

Kapil Garg
Friesland Campina NV

Thank you for your cooperation throughout the research project. The output has been of great insight to us and will surely buttress our strategy building. Looking forward to further alliances with the Lumière team.

Sukesha Sajwan

l does high quality insighting on a base of intensive consumer work. The team is highly dependable and brings a lot of dedication to the table.

Arvind R. P
Marico Kaya

Our project with Lumière was primarily explorative in nature keeping in mind a 'culture-change' and 'culture-building' exercise. The contribution of Lumière was significant in this aspect in understanding the existing 'culture' and ethos of the organization. The Lumière contribution was noteworthy and shaped our way forward towards this goal. Their top 3 strengths are: depth of qualitative anal...Read moreysis, involvement in the subject matter and manpower and time allocation to the project. They have keen interest on not just the project deliverables but also progress of the same thereafter.

Roshni Datta
J&J Medical Instruments

l is almost like a trusted in-house agency to any client. Once entrusted with a task, the dedicated and dependable Lumière team gives you complete satisfaction. l is very useful for product recycling as they really understand the nuances. I would like to use them more for concept recycling and desk research, and mining insights.

Smita Bhosale

The l has a team with requisite pharma domain knowledge and capability of drawing meaningful insights. Their comprehension of the brief is very good. What sets l apart is a) timely delivery even when timelines are very stringent b) sincerity and c) quality. They completely own the project and partner in business with all-sincerity.

Sangita Salunke
Sanofi Aventis

Lumière for me is strong analytics and qualitative research capability. In addition to the above, the speed of response and the personalized attention from the partners is really great. I would recommend Lumière as they are extremely professional and capable

Swati Rustagi

I have enjoyed working with your team and value the close association we share and look forward to many more opportunities to work together in the future. l strength is that it is very flexible, always ready to help the client, has a solid consumer understanding, proactive. Working with l makes you feel like one family working towards a common goal. The recent sanpro observational studies were an ...Read moreexceptional, involving sensitive and challenging consumer dynamics, handled very well to help us understand consumer much more closely in this category. I will recommend l for its passionate team, (which is) very flexible/ dependable, quick response time, willing to go the extra mile to ensure the objectives & targets are met.

Suja Thomas
Johnson & Johnson Consumer

l strengths are the company is ready and willing to take tough briefs and challenges. The l project experience is good and can be better. Proactively advising us on better design of the studies and assigning experienced staff for tough projects. Lumière has made notable contributions to the packaging study in oral care and the Cupid youth study. I will recommend l to another prospective client as...Read more they are very open to suggestions, willing to accommodate the client at all times. l focus for 2011-12 are good insights and innovative techniques like digital Facebook panels.

Rekha Navada
ConsumerTechnicalInsights, HUL

Within the overall MR space, Lumière has distinct strengths in consumer-centricity initiatives as well as innovation-related MR. Organisations need to populate their innovation funnels with the right project ideas & then resource these projects to be able to bring them to market. In this cycle Lumière has the potential to be strategic partner to companies in both populating their funnels as well...Read more as in evaluation of concepts for resourcing. Specifically, to be able to easily get into the dynamics of new product categories, and to mine for valuable insights in such spaces is a key strength. A well-structured approach & strong process orientation that ensures consistent and timely outputs are also positive points...It is often said that you can only get 2 among 3 dimensions in any project ' Quality, Speed & Cost - not the 3rd. I think Lumière represents a fairly optimal balance between these 3 parameters for organisations that need extensive consumer-insight related work, not just small isolated projects. Passion, a high quality of analysis & depth of insights are what we have come to expect & appreciate from you

Sriram Krishnamurthy

From the beginning, it was very clear that Lumière did everything they could to meet our time'pressed needs 'starting from the proposal in which they were the only company who acknowledged our needs and made a schedule to accomodate that. The project management was excellent and Lumière were very clear what they needed and when. My only quibble was with the dataset at the very end. It took a lit...Read moretle longer than anticipated, but this is one of the fastest projects we have fielded overseas. More than happy to recommend to others and will have no hesitations in working on future projects. A big, big thank you to Shashwat and her team.

Ben Robins
BBC Worldwide

I value the simplicity, sincerity & genuineness, and deep thinking that marks the l experience. Working with l is distinct as they decode consumer insights in a very simple form. This helps drive clarity of thought & is not made layered and complex by unnecessarily applying various research models. Further, the l approach is a participative process, and internal & external stakeholders and brand t...Read moreeam are involved in the thinking process. I associate l with a simple uncluttered ambience, the colour white to connote purity, genuineness and Water ' transparent and adaptive. Two words to describe l are 'Insightful' and 'thoughtful'

Chhavi Sharma
Kaya Marico
120+ years
leadership experience
3 lakh+
consumer touchpoints
repeat business