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Light the Start-ups

A careful and candid assessment of the idea or product prototype, and facilitated discussions provide pointers on the way forward, on whether the idea or prototype develops into a start-up, or should we collaborate with NGOs/ private organisations/ governmental agencies. Skills in brainstorming, evaluating strategic options and making the requisite connects helps provide the way forward to the business prospect.

Where it comes to start-ups, every start-up needs a caring helping hand, before securing funds and after getting funded. Founders have to get along. Key talent needs to be encouraged to join. And stay. The customer needs to be understood with great clarity. And a robust business plan has to emerge, not only on paper but in vigorous action. And the product needs to come out just right, before the funding runs out. Lumière has elected to place its formidable experience in customer-centric innovation of over 20 years in the service of the potential enterprise.

Our ‘customer, consumer and market insights’ vertical is the precursor to our ‘light the start-ups’ vertical.

120+ years
leadership experience
3 lakh+
consumer touchpoints
repeat business