The Explorer Archetype

The Explorer archetype is one of the three Jungian archetype that yearns for paradise. The motto here is “Don’t fence me in”. The core desire of this archetype is the freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world so they can experience a better, more authentic and more fulfilling life by journeying, seeking out and experiencing new things and escaping boredom. One of the greatest talents of this archetype is being true to one’s soul apart from being autonomous and ambitious.

They are those that refused to be caged in. We are exposed to this archetype first, most likely because of its significance to exploring our world and learning, each day, how much wider it is than we thought the day before. These are the kind that are self-motivated, self-driven, and self-sufficient. Independence is their hallmark.

Also known as the seeker, wanderer, pilgrim, and iconoclast, the Explorer is a character that, familiarly, seeks to escape the confines of their average life by travelling the world or exploring its many mysteries. At the very core, the Explorer is on a journey. These people desire for new experiences repelling boundaries, restrictions and conventions.

This archetype is naturally inquisitive and spend a great deal of their time in their minds investigating ideas. They are very mind-oriented people being both observant and analytical. Being intellectual, methodical and curious, they are able to grasp complicated concepts with relative ease. This does not mean they are anti- social. They have a strong need to understand the world while helping others. They also tend to be supportive, understanding and patient.

The downside is that they are so self-sufficient that they avoid support from others. They have an insatiable need to do things themselves. In extreme cases, the Explorer is so self-involved that he or she creates an alienation by building walls too high for others to scale. Also, by not committing to a course of action or settling down, they can lead to anything from aimless wandering to thrill seeking.

As with every archetype, the Explorer archetype can also be expressed at varying levels. The lower levels are less mature, while higher levels are more developed.

Level 1 of the Explorer is very straightforward, expressed by exploring the world and getting out into nature.

Level 2 is expressed when the exploration turns inward into discovering what makes oneself unique. It is the process of seeking one’s own individuality.

Level 3 is reached when the journey has led to one’s own Promised Land, a place of knowing who you are, with freedom to be completely true to who one is and express that uniqueness fully.

Ideal careers for Explorer archetypes include school psychologist, gynecologist, pediatrician, dermatologist, psychiatrist and neurologist.

This archetype can be seen in brands such as NASA, National Geographic, North Face, The Body Shop, Jeep, Starbucks, North Face and GoPro.

The Indian outdoor gear brand, Wildcraft is in the Explorer archetype. Their website reads ‘Wildcraft is India’s favourite outdoor gear brand. The brainchild of intrepid explorers, Wildcraft is a brand born for the open air. Whether it’s a hill or a…’

Explorer brands are often ground-breaking or pioneering. Any brand that veers off the beaten path is tapping into Explorer tendencies. Originality and non-conformity are the hallmarks of an Explorer brand.

Elon Musk epitomises the Explorer Archetype. 

The culture in Explorer organizations is to value individuality, de-emphasize rules and hierarchical decision making. This results in a newer, flatter and more democratic organizations. It empowers workers who make as many decisions as possible at the most local and involved level.


Explorer customers tend to be loyal to products that carry the archetypal meaning of authenticity and freedom. Such products reinforce deeper longings of customers with a strong freedom orientation. A relatively traditional and conformist individual might express that freer potential by buying a motorcycle or a mountain bike.

~Sanjana Ramani and Deepa Soman


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Deepa starts working at Hindustan Unilever Ltd., and after working there for a few years decides to take a career break to take care of her son. The family plans to move to Jamaica, and she wishes to resume working. There are not a lot of opportunities post a career break for her, and this makes her realise the plight of women all across the world who are trying to resume working after taking a break. The seed for Lumière is planted. Deepa joins J.A. Young Research Ltd. to get back to her roots, and ultimately decides to start her own firm under her CA's advise.



Start of Lumière Consultancy in Jamaica



The family is aching to return to India, and post the birth of her second child, Deepa gets an offer from HUL to rejoin them. She has an itch to make it on her own, and so declines. This results in a different type of engagement between the two, and Lumière engages exclusively with HUL by expanding their scope. Deepa builds a stronghold in consumer behavior, and Lumière develops into an entity of its own. Inception of 'Consumer Centricity', which is their future key to strength, begins. With an expansion in their work, they need more resources and a group of like-minded talented professional women to join the team. Lumière gives them solace, a place to grow, rebuild their careers, and achieve goals beyond their expectations. They begin with mentoring initiatives, with an urge to inspire young individuals. People approach them through word-of-mouth, references, and to create opportunities beyong market research, Lumière becomes a Pvt. Ltd. company.



An opportunity arises to be a part of something big, to analyse the growth mindset and the creation of a best practice document for sequential recycling. Lumière makes an impact across categories and branches into Product Testing and Category Creation.



Lumière touches ₹ 1 crore. Their brochure is presented at MRSI. The company turns 10, and Milind joins the team as an observer. This becomes the phase of Lumière's upheavel: from scaling up, digitization and automation of processes, to plugging in leakages across departments and accounts. Their billings reach ₹ 3 crores.



Rashmi Bansal dedicates a chapter of her book 'Follow Every Rainbow' to Deepa and Lumière. The company enters adulthood, and they facilitate change management for Lumière. The introduction of the Gallup Strengths to the portfolio is a game changer. A revamp of the technological infrastructure ensues, giving way to an articulation of Lumière 3.0.