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Lumière persona

Turning 22 – Lumière was born on 15th September 1996, exactly 9 months after Rhea was born.

Rhea studied industrial design and joined us as Design Associate earlier this year.

Here is her interpretation of the Lumière identity.

Our website with our persona, the elephant, and the pinwheel logo were created by Rishab Arora in 2012.

We had a blindspot to the “obvious” disconnect between the “heavy” elephant and the “light” pinwheel.

“Once you see it, you can’t unsee it” is her line I steal with pride!

“How about an origami elephant playfully twirling a pinwheel with her trunk?”


22 on 22!

Wait for more tricks from the elephant…

Light, playful meets wise and dependable

Happy birthday Lumière!

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