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Ad Testing of a Milk Food Drink

A study was conducted on behalf of an FMCG major for testing various ad scripts for re-launching a brand of milk food drink (MFD) under a new name. The objective of the research was to give a qualitative understanding of the most compelling advertisement. The task was to compare comprehension levels and key take out of the main message for each situation.
The research methodology was a combination of in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with mothers with children between 5-15 years, who were users of MFDs. The research was conducted in two centers.
The main campaign idea was that kids’ brains today need to function like computers. For this, they need the new milk food drink which has been specially designed with nutrients that help improve memory and learning.
When the ads were tested with the target respondents, they were liked and found novel. The ads featured mothers in more modern avatars; she was shown as asking questions and trying to catch up with the times, which consumers found very aspirational and relevant. They appreciated the involvement of the whole family, with the father encouraging the son to answer questions posed by the mother.
Mothers with younger children like ads which spoke of memory recall which cued attentiveness in school. Mothers with older children like ads which were exploratory, those which celebrate curiosity and the desire to know beyond school textbooks.
The findings provided direction to the business in narrowing down options and selecting the most befitting communication to re-launch of the milk food drink.

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