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B(r)east Friend

~ Juili Dharmadhikari and Deepa Soman The Pink Ribbon “We are all friends. The whole world is a friend, only we haven’t been introduced.” laleh busheri Laleh Busheri leads Prashanti… continue »B(r)east Friend

Whiff of Life

The Beginning Show Uma pictures of flowers in your garden, and she will ask, “why don’t you grow food?”. I love flowers and chose not to say anything. Uma had… continue »Whiff of Life

Delhi – Threshold between India and the world

वर्तमान भारत का इतिहास भी यथार्थ में विविध संस्कृतियों के संघर्षों एवं संग्रहों का इतिहास है. -लक्ष्मणशास्त्री जोशी “The history of present day India is also a history of the… continue »Delhi – Threshold between India and the world