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Chaitra Navratri Musings

Today Gudi Padwa is on 13th April 2021. We are likely to go into lockdown again from tomorrow.

Here’s a poem offering:

Twelve months of our lunar year
From Chaitra begins our calendar
For "chitra" or beautiful
For me, nine days of Chaitra navratri

Time to build up 'Shakti', strength
With small acts of abstinence
Tiny bursts of will and won't
Of shining spirit within

Gudi Padva and Ugadi greetings
From Maharashtra and Karnataka
Twin states of my birth
Cheers to fresh new beginnings

Ugadi taste of bitter, sour, sweet
Bitter - a wish for health
For exercise, medicine, care, discipline
Sweet and sour - ups and downs
Duality of the world - work and life

Celebrate, inspire
Magic, mysterious, miraculous
Lift up the blessed 'Gudi'
Symbolic of victory
Over darkness within

Keep up the love, faith, kindness, cheer
Make everyone near and dear
Wishes for a blessed
Well-played game of life

Last year Gudi Padwa came on 25th March 2020, and it was day 1 of the 21-day lockdown. I wrote in my diary. “I feel strong. The Goddess/ Divine Mother/ Feminine Principle/ Shakti will ascend in the nine days. I am building my faith by emulating the values of Divine Mother. The Divine Mother shows infinite PATIENCE. How may I be more patient? More forgiving? How may I practice loving compassion?

21 days of lockdown and the habit of freedom. My musings on Chaitra Navratri – to reflect on and imbibe the nine qualities of Divine Mother. To live in the consciousness of the auspicious time. To elevate consciousness and work on inner renewal and growth.

  4. LOVE
  9. BLISS

These are challenging times for humankind, where our very existence is under serious threat. There is a global mindset of gloom and uncertainty. May we stay calm, centered and present in our faith and do our daily duties with attention, care and gratitude. I am doing my Vision of Life course which allows me for reading, reflection, writing, looking deep within. It is a solid, stable feeling of being grounded in one sadhana and faith. to be able to claim ones deepest need for freedom and light”

Live strong. Love deep.

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