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Invitation for Lumiere Learning Monday with Kaumudi Mahajan

Youtube link -https://youtu.be/Fp3g7lf6EIQ

May 1 @ 6:00 pm 6:45 pm IST

Our guest Kaumudi Mahajan is here to speak about her transformational leadership journey. She is a content marketeer and Heads the Entertainment Partnerships division at a renowned global conglomerate.  In this video with Deepa Soman, she speaks about her inspiring journey in life, including defeating cancer.   A mother, a wife, and a daughter, she balances her life through all these roles whilst actively working in the corporate space.  She speaks of how life cannot be segregated into work and personal life – ‘There is just one life!’. She firmly believes that you can only take care of someone else if you are well taken care of. ‘Before Anyone Else’ is the motto she lives with.   She also shares her experiences on how she navigated through the tough phases of life and how it would’ve been impossible to do it without her mentor and colleagues, who made her working environment a healthy and supportive one.