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Whiff of Life

July 5, 2021 @ 10:45 am 11:30 am IST

On this episode of #LumiereLearningMonday, Join us on 5th July at 10:45 AM IST as we have Uma Shashikant, the Managing Director of Centre for Investment Education and Learning with us, in conversation with Deepa Soman!

Whiff of Life – Soil and life around us. We can all live with consciousness and sensitivity to life around us. Sustaining ourselves and the world depends on it.

Sharing insights with us, we have Uma Shashikant who is an urban gardener that grows a self-sufficient food garden at her yard. She volunteers to help others convert their lawn to food gardens. She is the founder and now the Chairperson of Centre for Investment Education and Learning, an organization working in the banking and financial sector on training, certification and educational initiatives. Uma is a PhD in Finance and a self-taught soil enthusiast.

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