“Meri Dilli”

On this episode of #LumiereLearningMonday, Join us on 21st June at 10:45 AM IST as we take a journey, and look at Delhi in a new light. The rise and fall of the mighty, the intrigues, the machination, the scheming, and the politicking. As much as it has witnessed blood and sweat, so much did… continue »“Meri Dilli”

Importance of Volunteering for Seniors with Pratima Penumarthy

This #TorchbearerThursday, we have Pratima Penumarthy, the Founder & CEO of Volunteering for Seniors, Inc. with us, in conversation with Deepa Soman! Volunteering is all about humility in serving everyone! Pratima Penumarthy completed her Masters of Science in US. An educator at heart, she founded Arya Math Academy offering students across various disciplines, conquer academic… continue »Importance of Volunteering for Seniors with Pratima Penumarthy

Whiff of Life

On this episode of #LumiereLearningMonday, Join us on 5th July at 10:45 AM IST as we have Uma Shashikant, the Managing Director of Centre for Investment Education and Learning with us, in conversation with Deepa Soman! Whiff of Life - Soil and life around us. We can all live with consciousness and sensitivity to life… continue »Whiff of Life

ACEing Developmental Disability

Tatyana Dias, intrigued by how her sister, Veruschka’s brain worked differently than hers, became a scientist to find a cure for Autism. Tatyana has a rich educational background. She graduated in Life Science & Biochemistry (St Xaviers College), masters in Research in Life Science, PhD in Neurobiology (Edinburgh University, UK) followed by post-doctoral research (Cambridge… continue »ACEing Developmental Disability

Engage -> Connect -> Grow

On this episode of #LumiereLearningMonday, we have Jermina Menon, the Chief Strategy Officer of Knowetic with us, in conversation with Deepa Soman! Jermina is a result oriented and ROI obsessed Marketing Professional with over 25 years of experience. A retail strategy & marketing expert, she specializes in digital & social media marketing, Omni channel &… continue »Engage -> Connect -> Grow

Breast Cancer – Quality & Restoration of Life

On this episode of Torchbearer Thursday, we have Ms Laleh Busheri, CEO and Friend-in-Chief of Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, in conversation with Deepa Soman. She has endeavoured phenomenal work for patients and their families suffering from breast cancer. Laleh, a descendant of the Royal Family of Persia, graduated with advanced degrees to be a lawyer.… continue »Breast Cancer – Quality & Restoration of Life

Relationships Build Business

Moussumi is a Strategic Business Developer and a Relationship Builder for life. She brings with her a successful professional career working in large indian and multinational companies like Raymond’s, Birla Sunlife and ING investment management in areas of Sales , marketing as well as in heading businesses. With the mission to nurture relationships with the… continue »Relationships Build Business

Season Finale : Aspire for Her

On this Season Finale of #TorchbearerThrusday, we have Madhura DasGupta Sinha,  Founder & CEO of Aspire for Her and  Reema Sen Co-Founder of Aspire For Her, a social start-up to motivate young women to enter and stay in the workforce. Madhura has been a banker for the last 25 years – holding leadership positions in… continue »Season Finale : Aspire for Her

Leadership in the Global World with Archana Hingorani

This week's episode of Learning Monday features Dr. Archana Hingorani, Co-founder of Siana Capital - an asset management venture focused on investing in early to mid stage, science and technology led companies that innovate path-breaking solutions in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In her formative years, Dr. Hingorani has helped create India’s first… continue »Leadership in the Global World with Archana Hingorani

My Journey and Insights as an Educator

Prof Leena Chatterjee completed her Graduation and Masters in Psychology from Delhi University, and her Ph. D in Social/Organizational Psychology from IIT, Kanpur. In 1984, she joined IIMC as a Professor of Organizational Behaviour where she was presented the “Best Teacher Award” by the Institute for several years. She superannuated in June 2021 and joined… continue »My Journey and Insights as an Educator

Garden Based Learning

On the second episode of this Learning Monday series, we welcome Vijaya Chakravarty - a Landscape designer , organic farmer & educator. She combines practice with teaching & research while… continue »Garden Based Learning