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Falling, Rising, and Navigating Her Journey

An accomplished vocalist and an independent Qualitative Market Research consultant, Deepti Rege worked as a core team member of Lumiere before she set herself up as an independent. Deepti talks about how she navigated her journey. She talks about how she observed, understood, and rewired her thinking to change the course of her destiny.

M&M – Music and Moderation

Talent and a deep interest in music led Deepti to become an accomplished vocalist with a Master’s degree in Music (Hindustani classical). She participated in many competitions including the famed Indian Reality music show, Sa Re Ga Ma. Music helps her heal and pick up from the high notes to the low ones.

Deepti enjoys the process of moderation, of having a conversation and connecting with the respondent during the qualitative research. She has seen it improve her listening and her empathy and it has helped her chart the course of her life.

Deepti does shows and events and her association with Lumiere is multi-faceted. She is an associate and an artiste of choice for multiple musical programs she has graced. Always inventing and forever learning, Deepti loves a challenge and her “never say never” attitude makes her a very popular associate at Lumiere.

Life journey

Deepti got an opportunity to travel to many countries at an early age, thanks to her parents who worked with an airline. Life experiences and travel have made Deepti very aware and mature. An ability to take things in her stride and to stay positive helps her cope. She is not afraid to take responsibility for her choices. Deepti has experienced setbacks with respect to marriage. Self-discipline and personal mastery to lift herself out of the abyss is what makes her an inspiration. Deepti has gone through the pain of similar experiences twice over. Rather than be dejected and throw in the towel, Deepti found this as a path to breaking some destructive patterns in herself leading to greater self-awareness, breakthroughs, and personal growth.

Self-Healing, Meditation and More

And our toughest moments provide an opportunity for deep introspection. Deepti’s sister introduced her to Louise L Hay’s book, ‘You can heal Yourself’. Deepti saw her thought and behaviour patterns, and instead of guilt or blame, realized the power of letting go and the value of forgiveness.

She was then introduced to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation and visualization techniques which were helpful in recovering from hurtful relationships and turning towards creating positive, stable relationships.

What helps her heal

  • Make choices, take onus of the choice that you have made
  • Don’t be afraid of failure
  • Never lose something by not trying

Bhimsen Joshi says a musician to hold on to the “Sa”. The power of “Sa”, are the guiding principles in Life – “Sa” for “Sadhana” or practice, “Sa” for “Satatya” or regularity, “Sa” for “Savadhanata” or caution, “Sa” for “Seva” or service

Deepti Rege
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

The Session

A candid, difficult, graceful conversation

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