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Identifying Learning Needs

Lumière undertook a unique project for an MNC in September 2006, wherein we worked closely with a reputed management institute to put together a syllabus for key distributors in the 4 zones. The objective was to enhance skill sets of distributors with the objective of achieving greater business growth in the future

Lumière conducted focus groups among the distributors across the four regions. The research tool N-Light© IdeaCon was utilized to define learning needs, the scope of the syllabus, and the method of learning best suited to each region.

Designing Advanced Course Module

This MNC engaged us to further fine-tune the learning needs of its distributors based on recommendations that emerged at the end of the earlier exercise (the Foundation Course) conducted. Distributors who had earlier gone through the basic module participated in this study, which helped design a follow-up course designed to meet higher order knowledge needs. Extended Focus Groups were conducted to identify these topics for the Advanced Course.

Feedback on the foundation course was discussed in detail to understand changes if any that need to be incorporated, and topics where distributors required additional in-depth inputs were selected for incorporation into the advanced course. Additionally, issues that emerged as a result of this interface were also relayed to the client for resolution.

Lumière conducted a Perception Study for a leading publishing house in India in October 2005. The organization has a wide spread network of offices all over India and has publications in Hindi, Gujarati and English (or in 5 states). The study enabled the publishing house to understand the corporate perception among internal and external audiences.

The research laid the foundation for corrective measures to be taken to strengthen the relationship with close associates, clients and employees.

It helped identify the corporate values of the group, which are recognized and cherished by the external audiences.

Lumière has put together recommendations through N-Light© Corporate Image and N-Light© People on three fronts:
• Strengthening HR related activities for employees
• Identification of core values that the newspaper is identified with to be guarded as a non-negotiable
• Recommendations to build greater partnering among externSal audiences

Exit interview

is an activity Lumière has recently undertaken for an MNC in Mumbai. The objectives of the Exit Interview are:
• To allow for a formal yet ‘secure’ forum for the employee to voice his/her feedback in a balanced and mature way, thereby allowing for a professional and pleasant parting of ways
• To identify the key reasons for resigning and provide a deep understanding of employee needs vis-à-vis employment, changes in needs, reasons for dissatisfaction, triggers to change
• The feedback helps identifying problems, issues, and throws up areas of improvement within the organisation
• A well conducted Exit Interview helps ensure that employees feel satisfied after a fair forum for expression, thereby reducing the probability of causing negative buzz in and outside the organisation
All Exit Interviews are conducted either in person or telephonically with the highest levels of confidentiality. There is a formal report for each Exit Interview and a quarterly MIS report with recommendations.

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