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January Musings

Have a wonderful 2007. New Year is a time for fresh beginnings and nothing fosters a sense of
freshness, more than a great holiday. It’s good to be back after a whole 9 days of being on leave.
The holiday was refreshing with quality family time. We enjoyed KL and Singapore. I’d like to
share a few lessons that Singapore taught me.
A significant take away is the ‘Merlion’ the ‘mascot’ of the country, which is an impossible
creature with the head of the lion and the body of the fish. It symbolizes the spirit of the country –
‘achieving the impossible against all odds’. It’s a powerful affirmation to begin the year with. I
have a small silver book mark pinned up on my soft board to remind me of my affirmation and
these 10 lessons I put down for myself:
1. Transformation: Just like Singapore transformed itself from a mish mash slum a mere
30 years ago to a state of the art country, its possible to focus on ones own evolution and
eventual transformation to a magical next level of possibilities.
2. Foresight: Singapore plans 25 years into the future year on year – to develop a clear
vision and a perspective on where one wants to be in the next one year as well as a 10
year plan on life.
3. Positivism: Singapore media communicates the positive – there is an acknowledgment
and sharing of positive news – to decide to be aggressively positive in ones thought so
positive actions can emerge.
4. Determination: Singapore’s transformation is a result of persistence and determination
to achieve its goals and mission – to imbibe this as part of ones DNA
5. Energy: There is a strong under current of energy that is a result of clarity of purpose
and determination – to supply ones with a limitless supply of energy which comes from
doing well what one enjoys doing.
6. Cleanliness: There is ruthlessness in the execution of cleanliness – to keep ones self
clean in thought and deed and eliminate unnecessary clutter that results in energy leaks
in ones system.
7. Discipline: The country is disciplined and orderly – to discipline oneself in work and in
leisure so one may achieve a balance in life.
8. Integration: Singapore is an ethnic ‘salad’ where the sauce of the values touches each
of the peoples of the country while allowing them to ‘taste’ the retained ethnic flavour –
the lesson is when one imbibes and assimilates new learnings, to do it while being
oneself, being happy and comfortable in ones own skin.
9. Celebration: Singapore celebrates individual achievement, success, material
progression and getting ahead – to celebrate every win to further propel oneself with
energy and the excitement that comes from winning.
10. Governance: Singapore is governed by a benevolent dictatorship – to be a benevolent
dictator unto oneself ensuring that we are kind yet unyielding to ourselves lest we
succumb and forget our dreams and the true selves we were meant to be.

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