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Rohan, which is our top-performing Learning Monday video?‘. “Jhankar Gadkari”, says Rohan, without missing a beat. “Everyone is tired of being indoors and they love the idea of travel“.

P. R. Sakthivel, our Torchbearer Thursday guest speaker says, “Deepa, I don’t know how I missed introducing Jhankar. He is a fantastic speaker. He is knowledgeable on so many subjects“.

A study of Jhankar Gadkri’s Linkedin Profile and his interesting TEDx talk at Amity University. tell me that we may have a really different topic.

We are in the midst of the lockdown and this talk can be a respite theme. Something fresh and different, that breaks the discourse on gloom and doom.

Jhankar and I speak for an hour. He tells me about himself, going to the US, his work and passion for history. He tells me about his three kids. A raconteur who tells a mean tale, Jhankar has a day job an expert in Emotional Intelligence. HIs firm a.e.i.o.u consulting works in the HR Consulting space.

Lumiere Learning Monday Guest Speaker

The Lumiere Learning Monday on 13th July 2020 on Olde Mumbai is well attended. Well-researched, with facts, anecdotes and a narrative style that keeps you riveted. Jhankar does

Jhankar and I speak a few weeks ago and he tells me about a talk he gave about Delhi to folks in Delhi.

Here I am, a Mumbaikar and I was talking to people in Delhi about Delhi. They were fascinated“. Jhankar promises.

Next Lumiere Monday Session

We have scheduled the Lumiere Learning Monday on Deceptive Delhi on 21st June 2021.

We must write about Jhankar. How about we do some paid social media marketing?”, says Rohan.

Watch the interview below :

Olde Mumbai
Credit: https://www.treksandtrails.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Madh-fort.jpg

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