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Of Meenakshi Shedde and the Creation of the Events Vertical

A year ago this day

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Zoom Stage (Image source : Zoom Blog)

On 5th May 2020 we invited Meenakshi Shedde as our Lumière Learning Monday guest speaker.

I interviewed Meenakshi using the Zoom Webinar format.

Journalist, film critic, social worker, Meenakshi is a multi-faceted woman with a sunshine personality.

And how we wish she could have done the session at our Nav Durga office in Nerul!

We miss the camaraderie, hysterical laughter, hugs, back-slapping. No more sitting around meeting rooms to catching up. No pre and post event coffee, lunch and dessert with the guest speaker.

“How did Covid change the way you work?”

~ Everyone

Challenge to Opportunity

  1. We created a fresh vertical, Lumiere Events
  2. I had a new job role as anchor
  3. Lumière Communications Desk had a subset – the Lumiere Event Management team
  4. Lumiere Speakers list became global – speakers no longer need to our Navi Mumbai office.
  5. No restriction to the guest list – earlier we could invite 25 people on a first-come-first-served basis with Zoom
  6. No camera set up and CD archives of Lumière Learning Monday recordings
  7. Guests beyond Lumière World – alumni, associates, clients
  8. Our YouTube channel, lumierelightandinsight got a makeover.

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