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Our Solutions

We at Lumière understand that every problem is unique, and help devise an effective framework of finding a solution which is adaptable, easy to implement, and can provide efficient timelines with the help of a vast network of resources.

Understanding the customer, their hopes and aspirations, their stated and latent needs, is the starting point to gauge market response and readiness.

Marketing Mix Evaluation

Exploratory Research

Idea Testing

Concept Testing

Product Testing

Packaging Testing

Communication Testing

Organizational Strategy


Consumer Profiling


Go-To Market Strategy

Cultural Decode

Customer Centricity

Quantitative Research

Concept/ Product/ Ad/ Packaging Testing
Price Sensitivity measurement

Using a strong network integrated with compliance and timelines, we deliver excellence.

Digital Methodologies

  • Lumière is a pioneer in providing virtual work from home opportunities to women professionals. It is an entrepreneurial model that encourages proactive contribution to projects and celebrates initiative and ownership.
  • The Lumière model deploys cutting-edge technology and supports flexible collaborative projects by spatially dis-aggregated teams working across geographies.
  • Using digital platforms to conduct workshops, large meetings for project debriefs, in-house training and learning activities, and much more.
  • Using digital platforms to create awareness about causes, and as a community learning and sharing tool.

Light the Start-ups

Our ‘customer, consumer and market insights’ vertical is the precursor to our ‘light the start-ups’ vertical.

A careful and candid assessment of the idea or product prototype, and facilitated discussions provide pointers on the way forward, on how to develop the start-up. Skills in brainstorming, evaluating strategic options, and making the requisite connects help the business prospect.

Lumière has elected to place its formidable experience in customer-centric innovation of over 20 years in the service of the potential enterprise.

Lumiere is a lab for business best practices to bring innovative solutions rooted in consumer centricity. We share our understanding of the need to create a purpose-driven business, with robust core values.

Design Management capability is useful when we help co-create an identity for the venture, from logotypes and collaterals, to spaces both physical and virtual.


Catalyzing Social Enterprises

Curating & Catalyzing Non-profits



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