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Taxi Tales

Illustration: Pixabay

My taxi driver picks me up from the airport in Sydney on 6th April 2018. I sit in front for the view and chat.

Danny is from Malaysia and has lived in Sydney for 33 years. I notice he hobbles, and he says he has knee replacement surgery in two weeks.

“I have been to more places in Europe than in Asia”, he says. Danny studied at the Royal College of Printing, London. He lived in London and in Frankfurt, where he set up offices for his company, a print major looking after exports. He was in Thailand when management changed, and Danny lost his job.

‘Did you ever want to set up your own printing press?’ “Digital is driving down print. It’s just a matter of time, says Danny, who is fluent in six languages.

Development in Sydney, real estate prices, transportation, law and order, seasonal fruit, traffic laws and regulations, the aborigines, the markets, places to visit, Danny who is well informed, polite and respectful shares his perspectives and trends.

Danny is “almost retired” with a wife (“naturally”) and three kids. “I take her a little for granted”, he chuckles.

We drive past a golf course. “Do you play golf, Danny? “I bought a brand new set when I was Thailand but the game is so frustrating. It tries my patience”.

Travel keeps one curious, learningful and open to surprise.

Observing, asking thoughtful questions, listening carefully is the art of conversation is what qualitative research teaches.

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