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The Creator Archetype

The Creator Archetype

~ Debolina Roy, Sanjana Ramani, Deepa Soman

If it can be imagined, it can be created is the motto of the Creator. This Jungian archetype is driven by the need to see dreams become reality, while providing structure to the world.

These are the great architects, the artists, the scientists, the gods and goddesses. Their mind is always questioning, tinkering, and entertaining new theorems. Ingenuity is their hallmark.

The core desire is to create something of enduring value and the goal is to give form to a vision by developing artistic/ technical skill.

They look for stability and control. They are the Soul types defined by goals related to personal development, or agendas that serve to improve their spiritual, mental, or physical standing with the world. The Creator is solely focused on examining the boundaries or our reality and perception. The Creator carries an inexhaustible imagination, often excelling at their chosen vocation. When presenting as a mortal character in a reality-based world, he is often portrayed as a man ahead of his time.

The key attributes of this archetype include Innovative, Imaginative, Creative, Artistic, Experimental, Willing to take risks, Ambitious, Desire to turn ideas into Reality, Inventor, Musician, Writer or Dreamer.

One of the worst fears of a Creator is mediocrity. Whether results from concept or execution doesn’t matter. The Creator wishes to be an authentic voice in a world of white noise. They gain rivals easily, answering those challenges with innovation in their work, and their personal outlook.

However, the Creator has no shortage of a shadow. Abandoning morality for the sake of their craft, they can be taxing on other people for their insensitivity and starting multiple projects but finishing none. Because of their genius, the Creator often tends to play god, allowing the end to justify the means, and deciding what is best for the masses without consulting outside opinion.

Obviously, Creators have creativity and imagination in spades. They find inspiration in the most unlikely of places, and their inherent ability to find expression, be it through music, art, design, invention, poetry, literature, or photography, helps them think outside the box, using metaphors and abstracts to create something of lasting value.

Creators like new ideas to take shape, and the icing on top when these ideas are non-conformist. They love unique, unusual, intelligent, and visionary creations. They find joy in demonstrating their innovation, individuality, and freedom from societal constraints and convention. A creator’s life can be dictated by applying learned and experienced artistic expression. They can be incredibly focused internally and rejoice with a feeling of wholeness when they are able to prove reality outside of their minds.

The Creator archetype contributes to society and provides structure to the world by bringing something into being by realizing a vision. She gets deep satisfaction from both, the process and the outcome of creating something that did not previously exist.

The Creator archetype is a natural fit for many marketing, design, and technology brands. Any brand that dismantles old systems or processes and creates something new in its place would be expressing the Creator archetype.

Brands in the Creator archetype are:

Crayola, Good Housekeeping magazine, Sony, YouTube, Apple, Pixar, Lego, Adobe, Ikea and Pinterest.

The internal culture of a Creator brand is focused on innovation and quality. High value is placed on both the creative process and the outcome. The organization structure of a Creator brand is always collaborative. Teamwork and brainstorming sessions are critical and yet must still allow employees autonomy and the freedom to create.

The Creator consumer is intolerant of cheap, mass-produced junk. Creator consumers demonstrate their taste and quality standards by the things they buy. Purchases are a means of self-expression.

Like any other archetype, there are levels to this archetype with lower levels being less advanced and higher levels being more evolved.

Level 1: At its most basic, the Creator archetype is expressed by the act of creating, but not truly innovating. At level 1, creativity happens by simply imitating others.

Level 2: Once able to move past imitation, and starting to give form to one’s own vision, the archetype begins to express authenticity. The process is deeper and more introspective, coming from within instead of looking at what is already out there.

Level 3: At its highest level, the Creator archetype fosters true innovation and beauty, and creates something enduring that is able to influence society.

Some of the famous Creator personalities include Walt Disney, Mark Zuckerberg and Sonam Wangchuk.







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