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Voicing Their Truth

Dr. Coomi Vevaina dreamt up a one of its kind change management exercise to work in the space of transformation of education and parenting. She articulates her goals as:

1. To work with growth mindsets and replace rigid social systems with unique ‘Learning’ and ‘Parenting’ ecosystems

2. To achieve the 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG) created by the United Nations before 2030

Deepa and Milind met Coomi at a wedding in Darjeeling in November 2019. They kept in touch and Coomi shared her ideas.

Deepa and Milind work in the space of transformation and work as change facilitation coaches for individuals and organisations. They became a part of the Core Committee of GTPS collaborating and facilitating the activities leading up to the conference.

Covid struck and the physical event moved to a digital one. The Lumiere Design Labs helped GTPS with the event branding.

Today Coomi and Deepa are facilitating the Pre-Summit Youth Forum and seeking questions from youth…

What do you want changed in education?“, asks Dr. Coomi Vevaina

What do you want changed in parenting?“, asks Deepa Soman

Ten students will be spokespersons for the voice of the youth and these experts in Education and Parenting will take these questions as the events unfold over the next few months.

Visit http://www.gtps4change.org to register for our event today.


Education & Parenting – Global Tipping Point Summit 2020

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