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World Health Day

Today 7th April 2021 is World Health Day. My Learning Monday Guest speaker, Indrajit Gupta is ready for the dry run for his 12th April event. I notice he is standing. When I mention World Health Day, he laughs. “I am just trying standing so I get more room for gestures. And my wife will never buy any story about me and health”, he laughs. “What about music?”. Indrajit relaxes. “Music and sports”, he says.

Music keeps us healthy.

When my father, Vasant Samant lost speech owing to his stroke on 3rd June 2006, Dr. B. S Singhal, the legendary neurologist walked out with me in the Bombay Hospital ICU. “Your father won’t be able to speak, but he will be able to sing”, he said.

Music has been a big part of his recovery/ therapy. On Saturday 6th April 2019, we attended a music concert by Sunehre Pal. This group of Hindi film song lovers has been meeting in Chembur Fine Arts on the first Saturday of the month for the past 10 years. This was their 120th event. Founded by two college friends, M. V Ram Narayan and Balan Iyer met in R. A Poddar College, Mumbai in 1971. They bonded over their love fro music and after many years came together to start Sunehre Pal.

Balan curates thirty songs on a theme. The theme on 6th April 2019 was the music director, Vasant Desai’s songs. Ram, our client-turned friend told us about Sunehre Pal and the coffee table book designed by his daughters, Shruti and Smriti, on the first 100 episodes of Sunehre Pal.

“Sunehre Pal” – Golden moments

Nearly 100 people, all seniors and super seniors have been attending the Sunehre Pal program which features songs till 1960. Anand Pai, film historian gives his expert comments after a song is played, with some tidbits and trivia on the context, which make the experience thrilling.

In 2020, Lumiere helped move Sunehre Pal online and trained all the seniors/ super seniors on zoom and zoom webinar. We continued to host the event and now have passed on the baton to Shruti Vishwanath, Ram’s daughter. They use the Lumiere zoom platform.

The SP group completed 12 years on 6th April 2021. It is a reason for the sprightly youthful music lovers.

Music makes the world go round and music keeps us healthy.

Happy World Health Day (Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and hand wash for perfect health)

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  1. What a combination for today!
    MUSIC and SMS – Sanitiser/Handwash, Mask and Social distancing.
    A great share Deepa

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