At Lumière we bring a multi-dimensional approach to co-create solutions for our clients and partners.

We are a solutions firm with experience in research, consulting and design. We partner with clients in co-create customised, insightful, and innovative solutions to their problems. We work in the areas of incubation and transformation, and offer end-to-end solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Our core purpose is to offer the Lumière platform as a life-stage opportunity. 

We coach and mentor back to work women professionals as well as early jobbers.

Lumière is a best practice lab on ways to engage women professionals with work.

Pic: Lumière Diwali Party, Nav Durga Office, 2018.

Our Expertise

Crafting inquiry based solutions, using our experience in
research, consulting (people, process, technology), and design.

We have in-house research, consulting, and design capabilities and work with partners and domain experts to augment our core team.

Our Culture

The elephant is our persona, seen twirling the pinwheel here, denotes light and playful meets wise and dependable.

Our Values

Our values are responsibility, transparency, commitment to excellence, respect for the individual.

We are a partner in the clients’ transformation journey towards growth.

We help clients, big and small, unlock their growth potential by becoming purpose-driven, effective, and consumer-centric.

Deep expertise in primary and secondary consumer research for solutioning is our superpower.

Artwork credits: Lumière Design Labs

Our Goals

To work as strategic partners, through coaching, mentoring, and being an advisory to the business prospects.

To bring knowledge and best practices in customer-centric innovation to the proposition or prototype.

To provide access to market opportunities along with financial, commercial & legal advisory access.

To develop a customer-centric mindset of flexibility, agility, compliance, win-win, and can-do attitude.

Projects spanning agriculture, auto, banking, education, durables, personal care, home care, foods, media, pharma, telecom, technology, real estate, over the past 20 years of Lumière have built a massive experience and insights on the changing Indian consumer.

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The Lumière Events is our venture into the space of engaging with a larger audience using a multi-media approach. We have hosted several webinars and talks around various topics, which fall into:

Lumière Learning Mondays: being a learning organization, we take a classroom approach, making every Monday morning as exciting and engaging as possible!

Lumière Torchbearer Thursdays: topics around people’s resolve to help and provide for others during this pandemic, with stories of individuals as well as organizations.

Lumière Samvaad Series: the latest endeavor to bring together series for topics, with our first venture of the CMA Samvaad series coming to a close.


MRSI (Market Research Society of India) was established in January 1988 and is at the forefront of maintaining standards of excellence in the market research industry. Lumière Business Solutions is represented on the MRSI Management Committee.

ESOMAR provides ethical and professional guidance for the global data, research, and insights community. A global association since 1947, it is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics.

Affiliations, Alliances and Partners