At Lumière we bring a multi-dimensional approach to co-create solutions for our clients and partners.

We are a solutions firm with experience in research, consulting and design. We partner with clients in co-create customised, insightful, and innovative solutions to their problems. We work in the areas of incubation and transformation, and offer end-to-end solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Pic: Lumière Navratri Celebrations Nav Durga Office, 2021.

Our core purpose is to offer the Lumière platform as a life-stage opportunity. 

We coach and mentor back to work women professionals as well as early jobbers.

Lumière is a best practice lab on ways to engage women professionals with work.

Our Expertise

Crafting inquiry based solutions, using our experience in
research, consulting (people, process, technology), and design.

We have in-house research, consulting, and design capabilities and work with partners and domain experts to augment our core team.

Projects spanning Agriculture, Auto, Banking, Education, Durables, Personal care, Home care, Foods, Media, Pharma, Telecom, Technology, and Real estate, over the past 20 years Lumière has built massive experience and insights on the changing Indian consumer.

We are a partner in the clients’ transformation journey towards growth.

We help clients, big and small, unlock their growth potential by becoming purpose-driven, effective, and consumer-centric.

Deep expertise in primary and secondary consumer research for solutioning is our superpower.

Our Culture

The elephant is our persona, seen twirling the pinwheel here, denotes light and playful meets wise and dependable.

Our Values

Our values are responsibility, transparency, commitment to excellence, respect for the individual.

Artwork credits: Lumière Design Labs

Our Goals

To work as strategic partners, through coaching, mentoring, and being an advisory to the business prospects.

To bring knowledge and best practices in customer-centric innovation to the proposition or prototype.

To provide access to market opportunities along with financial, commercial & legal advisory access.

To develop a customer-centric mindset of flexibility, agility, compliance, win-win, and can-do attitude.

Swift analysis and presentation


I was greatly impressed (and so were my colleagues) by the organization of the visit and the swift analysis and presentation. Look forward to the opportunity of working together again.

Kapil Garg

Friesland Campina NV

Rich & wonderful insights


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the rich & wonderful insights on this young TG that were presented. We are sure that this learning will go a long way in helping us to ensure our programming is better focused on this critical TG. Also, the initial response from programming towards the study has been very encouraging.

Rahul Sachdev


Never miss deadlines

Lumière is an amazing example of a successful business grounded in simple human values. The Lumière team is client-focused and free of biases, it undertakes work with speed and flexibility and is reliable’ they never miss deadlines.

Nitin Paranjpe


Proved them wrong!


You and your team have made me proud. They said this MR could not be done in a month and you proved them wrong! Thank you.

Kartik Chandrashekhar


Excellent quality of client servicing

The quality of client servicing for Project Spectre was excellent. The quality of project management, moderation, and output was Good. The data interpretation and output could be more creative. The field arrangement was fair. There were issues with recruitment which led to rework. Our overall experience with Lumière was Very Good.

Ashwini Barve


Pace of work and ability to mutate


Thank you, Team, for many things – a great team (first and foremost) – great analysis and recommendations – partnering with us so seamlessly – the pace of work and ability to mutate the design/objective – for constantly keeping the larger picture in mind. I am indeed looking forward to a lot more work with Lumière.

Vaishali Shah


Deliver more than expected


The Lumière strength is they stick to timelines and (utilise a) good approach to give solutions to the problem. Lumière helped us to shape our products and (gave) actionable directions for our positioning. I will recommend Lumière because they are honest in their work and deliver more than what is expected.

Kiran Sathyanarayan

Mahindra 2 Wheelers

Steering the project in the right direction


The discussion and the research both have been fruitful and will help us in steering the project in the right direction. A big thank you to all of you for pulling this together, especially in such a short time.

Kunal Sharma


Never say die attitude

I think of Lumière as an haute couture agency that gives me tailor-made solutions but with the operational efficiencies of a scientific powerhouse. There is one word that doesn’t exist in the dictionary of Lumière and that is ‘No’. There is a never say die attitude and everyone in the team goes all out to meet the clients’ needs as far as possible. What I particularly like about the Lumière approach is that a project is taken, research is conducted and analysis is done in one go by the involved parties. This really helps us make faster decisions. One doesn’t really have the luxury of time and decisions making has to be faster in today’s world and Lumière understands the same and partners with us. I think Lumière is one of the pioneers in giving a 5-minute video that brings alive the key insights. A video ppt really saves many manhours that would otherwise have to be spent to come to an aligned view by the team. Another thing that I really admire about Lumière is the use of technology. I think we were amongst the first ones to use online discussions for flavors research. It really helped us understand the youth and our thinking. I would strongly recommend Lumière to clients who need an agency to partner with them and enlighten the path along the way.

Puja Chandna


Co-creation with consumers

The biggest strength of Lumière lies in their ability to create empathy for consumers across an astonishing array of domains. When the same is combined with their restlessness to contribute towards the larger strategic discourse, one has a perfect partner who helps bridge the strategy & macro to the consumer & micro. The biggest discriminator of Lumière is its talent; a talent pool having both depth & precision, equally at home analyzing as well as synthesizing, confident yet humble & grounded. Lumière has contributed tremendously to the success of projects like Gojiyo. It was a project which could not have been successful without incessant co-creation with consumers in the digital/social space; a gargantuan effort helmed by Lumière.

Ashutosh Tiwari

SMG Godrej Industries

The Lumière Events is our venture into the space of engaging with a larger audience using a multi-media approach. We have hosted several webinars and talks around various topics, which fall into:

Lumière Learning Mondays: being a learning organization, we take a classroom approach, making every Monday morning as exciting and engaging as possible!

Lumière Torchbearer Thursdays: topics around people’s resolve to help and provide for others during this pandemic, with stories of individuals as well as organizations.

Lumière Samvaad Series: the latest endeavor to bring together series for topics, with our first venture of the CMA Samvaad series coming to a close.


MRSI (Market Research Society of India) was established in January 1988 and is at the forefront of maintaining standards of excellence in the market research industry. Lumière Business Solutions is represented on the MRSI Management Committee.

ESOMAR provides ethical and professional guidance for the global data, research, and insights community. A global association since 1947, it is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics.

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